Alonso picks Verstappen as the best in F1: 'He always in attack mode'

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Fernando Alonso has identified Max Verstappen as the best current driver in Formula 1.

The Spaniard might have called time on his career at the end of 2018 but has continued to keep in touch with the sport, notably praising the Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton via Twitter after their battle at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

However, the double world champion is all too aware of the currently limited opportunities in F1, albeit, when asked to name a best, did begin by admitting those at the front deserved to be there.

“There’s a reason why the drivers in the series are up there. It is not by chance, it is because they are the best," he told reporters in Buenos Aires.

“In F1 it is difficult to choose the best because it changes a lot from year to year and from car to car. There are drivers who are fast over one lap, others at the starts. There are others who are consistent and others who are very aggressive."

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However, it was the last criteria on which he made his decision.

“I would say that right now it [the best] is Max Verstappen, he is a driver that I like to follow," he explained. "This year I’ve watched the races on television and I like to see him because he is always in attack mode.

“If you see that he is third and catches the guy in second, you know he won’t stay there. You know he will try at some point [to get past] and that to the fans is something exciting.

“But that aggressiveness also makes you lose points because you have more problems. It is difficult to find a balance.”

In recent years, Alonso has expanded his motorsport activities with endurance racing, IndyCar and now rallying the disciplines he has attempted.

And despite himself being considered one of the best drivers of his time, he admits competing against the best in different categories has been beneficial.

“After having raced in endurance, in Daytona, in the Indy 500 and in some rallies over the years, you see drivers from whom you learn a lot and they teach you a lot. It’s hard to pick just one driver,” he explained.