Evans: Failing to reach F1 was 'extremely tough to take'

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Formula E driver Mitch Evans admits missing out on Formula 1 has been "extremely tough to take".

The New Zealander came close, winning the GP3 title in 2012 and spending four seasons in GP2, winning five races with a best championship finish of fourth in 2014.

However, without the backing of many drivers at that time, despite being managed by former F1 driver Mark Webber, making that next step to F1 never appeared likely.

"F1 is brutal, I've beaten a lot of the guys in the championship," he said speaking to the BBC last weekend in Marrakesh.

"I was so set on F1. It's so hard, it's many, many years in the making trying to get there and I came a long way from New Zealand so to not get there was extremely tough to take.

"I know I'm more than capable of being in F1," Evans added, "but it's so political that timing is everything and it's probably going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

"But it doesn't hurt as much as it does a few years ago because I'm in a really good place in my life now."

Indeed, the 25-year-old found his motorsport calling in Formula E from Season 3 and after winning his first race in Rome last year, has started Season 6 strongly, winning in Mexico and currently sitting second in the championship.

"It was tough. I worked so hard and got so close [to F1], but Formula E was starting to grow and Jaguar gave me a lifeline," Evans continued.

"I'm extremely competitive and I want to win for the team that has given me the opportunity, and that's the best feeling. The next thing to top that is the championship."