Berlin set to be postponed as Merkel announces large events ban until 31st August

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The Berlin E-Prix that is scheduled for the 21st June has been placed into serious doubt as German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces a large events ban until the 31st August. 

The Chancellor announced plans to slowly ease the lockdown restrictions in Germany to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, but she continued to reinforce that large events should remain forbidden until the end of August.  Bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and music venues will also all remain closed until the 31st.

With Formula E set to race in Berlin on June 21st, the event now looks extremely unlikely to happen on that day, as it may be deemed a large event by the local authorities.

The only way the event can now happen on June 21st is if it a behind closed doors events and Formula E can meet the criteria that Berlin’s local government sets in the coming days in regards to how many people can work at the Tempelhof airport.

If Formula E is unable to do that then the race will be postponed and won’t be able to be rescheduled until September, and with New York and London also facing the same fate of being postponed, then Formula E will not be able to host a race until the Autumn.

Formula E needs to complete another race to ensure that this season championship can end with a champion being crowned. The series has currently completed 5 races this season with six being enough to complete the championship under FIA regulations.