Formula E adjusts its Race at Home format

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Formula E has announced minor adjustments for the first race of the Race at Home Challenge race at Hong Kong on Saturday.

The damage model has been increased to 80% after being set at 25% in the test race at Monaco. In the test race, there were numerous collisions during the race. The increase in the damage model has been done to stop drivers colliding into each other when attempting to overtake.

The final race of the Race At home season will become a doubleheader. The two final races, which also involve double points, which will take place on June 6 and 7, 2020. The race originally planned for June 13th will be cancelled.

The race format has also had some adjustments to the elimination phase, in which the first driver to be eliminated will happen on the end of lap two rather than the end of lap one.

Also, instead of having ten drivers fighting for points in the final lap of the race. The race will now see 12 drivers fight in the final lap of the race.

23 Formula E drivers will race in the Hong Kong Race At Home event, the only driver missing is Sam Bird.