Mercedes not expecting immediate F1-style success in Formula E

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff doesn't believe the company will dominate Formula E as it has in F1 from Season 6.

The German manufacturer will make their full debut in the all-electric series at the first race in Saudi Arabia on November 22, with quite a few fans dreading their impact will be similar to that in F1.

However, given their relative inexperience, Wolff is expecting a much tougher challenge to be competitive.

"There are teams and OEMs that have been in FE for a long time and they were successful and have the learning curve," he said at the team's launch.

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"We haven't got all that – we had a learning year with HWA, with not all the resource that is needed to make it successful, so we very much see Season 6 now as an entry point for Mercedes and we don't take it for granted to play a role in the leading pack.

"That will come over time. If we surprise ourselves and we are able to score highlights – being in the top five, going onto the podium – I would be delighted.

"But it's not something we expect in season one [for Mercedes]."

Lining up on the grid in the Silver Arrow 01 will be former McLaren F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne and newly-crowned F2 champion Nyck de Vries.

One possibility that isn't ruled out though is five-time champion Lewis Hamilton making the switch, having previously praised Formula E.

''Lewis follows a lot of motorsports and we have certainly already talked about Formula E," Wolff revealed to SNTV.

"When we were both unable to sleep in Shanghai, it came on TV and we sat together watching. We exchanged some ideas there then.

"Lewis is a versatile driver who really has an eye for that sport. If the popularity for Formula E will increase, then he really is someone who is open to it, but now his focus is still on Formula 1."