IndyCar confirms early talks with Ferrari over 2022 entry

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IndyCar boss Roger Penske has confirmed initial talks have started with Ferrari over a possible entry from 2022.

Due to the new $145m budget cap in Formula 1 coming into effect next year, the Italian team has confirmed they are considering expanding their motorsport program to avoid making substantial job cuts.

IndyCar was the first series mentioned, as was the World Endurance Championship.

But what may make the American series more appealing is the greater exposure in a key car market, and also a new 900hp hybrid engine to be introduced in 2022 as well as the phased introduction of a new chassis, which will be completed in 2027.

“Honestly, we’ve been so tied up in what’s been going on the last three months or so that I couldn’t give you too many details of even what’s been discussed," Team Penske president Tim Cindric told The Race on the chassis overhaul.

“Our focus has been on today and how to get through today to get to tomorrow and we've been really struggling with trying to keep up with what’s happening on that [future car rules] front.

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"I think there’s been lots of discussion and I think it’s really encouraging to hear that a manufacturer like Ferrari might be interested in the series itself," he added.

“It tells you how far the series has come in a very short period of time here, and I think if we can get back on track, a lot of those things are going to be pretty exciting.

“But from today, I can’t honestly tell you that we have a very good perspective of even what’s been discussed just because we’re so focused on just getting through the next day.”

IndyCar owner Roger Penske has now confirmed Ferrari's interest in joining the grid and is hopeful they may not be alone.

“Obviously we’re looking at potentially adding other manufacturers," he told SiriusXM Radio. “You probably heard it, there’s been discussions with Ferrari, who might be interested in joining the series.

"Coming in 2022 when we have the new engine rules, and that would be a great asset to have a third manufacturer in the series.”

If Ferrari did proceed with an IndyCar program, it wouldn't be the first as the Scuderia dabbled with an entry in 1986, going as far as creating and testing a car.

Ultimately, though they remained in F1, while the car they designed, named the 637, was given to Alfa Romeo who entered the series instead three years later.