Magnussen: 'It didn't quite feel right' to race after Grosjean crash

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Kevin Magnussen admits it "didn't quite feel right" to go racing after the shock of Romain Grosjean's crash in Bahrain last Sunday.

The Haas driver was fortunate to escape with only burns on both hands following a crash which, before the Halo, could well have had a fatal outcome.

As it is Grosjean is now out of hospital and, on Thursday, returned to the track to meet with the FIA medical team and marshals who responded within seconds to dash to rescue him as well as visit his team in the garage

But looking back on the accident, his teammate admits it was a major reality check

“I could see all the fire and all the smoke and I was just thinking ‘when the fire is that big, it’s got to be the fuel cell and to have the fuel cell rupture, the crash has got to be enormous’,” said Magnussen via The Race.

“We stopped in the pitlane and I could see the replays on the screen, which looked horrible. That period of the stoppage was pretty horrible.

“Suddenly you wake up from this dream world where you walk around thinking nothing is going to happen then you see a crash like that and it all suddenly becomes very real.

“To get back in the car after that didn’t quite feel right.”

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Other drivers too admitted unease at the crash being shown repeatedly on the TV broadcast while they were watching on during the hour-long race suspension.

And though it was soon clear Grosjean was out of immediate danger, the Dane acknowledged his concern didn't end.

“They were telling me that he was out of the car so that was comforting,” said Magnussen.

“The speed of the impact into that barrier… I’ve had a big impact before and I know it wouldn’t take a lot more to have problems internally.

“So even though you can walk away… I was just getting nervous and hoping he would be fine even though he had jumped out of the car.”