Race to victory with these 5 unique online racing games

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Even before the success of the new Virtual Grand Prix, there’s been a notable growth in the popularity of online racing games over the last couple of years.

 If you’re a veteran gamer who’s grown tired of the usual fare, there’s no shortage of racing games that you can try today. Here are some of the more unique ways to get your regular dose of digital high-octane action.

TrackMania 2: Canyon

This game is all about insane racing tracks. PCGamesN hit the nail on the head by calling this game’s tracks ‘Hot Wheels-inspired,’ a reference to the sweeping barrel rolls, floating platforms, and impossible tracks that pit racers not just against each other, but against the laws of physics as well. In the online mode, players have access to the crazy racetracks created by other players.

While the cars are easy to drive, fresh player-made tracks are always different, ensuring that even if veterans race against amateurs in multiplayer mode, no one really knows who’ll take first place. Race to your heart’s content and lose hours as you navigate Canyon’s crazy tracks. Once you get to designing your own levels, that’s when this game really takes on a life of its own.

888 Casino Slot Races

As the name suggests, Slot Races combines web-based slot gaming with a racing dynamic. Players start by logging into 888 Casino’s website and picking a qualifying game from the Slot Races Lobby.

The quicker you finish the reels and sessions, the faster you advance in the race, raking in various bonuses and other opportunities to increase earnings along the way. Not surprisingly, 888 Casino has a rich history of developing in-house online games. 888 has won several ‘Casino of the Year’ awards from 2005 to 2007, and again in 2012 and 2013.

Nowadays, it’s mostly known as a secure option for those looking for a pure casino gaming experience. And Slot Races is their way of breaking new, yet-uncharted ground in the extremely competitive web-based casino industry.

Pixel Car Racer

Unlike the other games on this list, Pixel Car Racer has no multiplayer mode. However, this game’s unique combination of pixel art, Japanese car culture, and role-playing elements have birthed a massive online Reddit community dedicated to its pixelated universe.

While Pixel Car Racer carries no official licenses for real-world vehicles, its near-limitless customization dynamics allow players to recreate virtually any actual car model they want, which is mostly what’s shared on the game’s highly active web community. Whether you’re into drag, street racing, or dyno runs, you’re bound to spend hours just customizing vehicles, and trying not to get too lost in this immersive, nostalgic world.

FR Legends

FR Legends’ first claim to fame is its viral video of Daigo Saito – Japanese D1 and Formula Drift champion – playing and enjoying the game.

This is what allowed it to spread like wildfire all over the world. The second is how its control system combines onscreen buttons as well as the ability to use your smartphone’s accelerometer for feint maneuvers — resulting in a level of intuitiveness that no other drift racing game can offer.

After demanding the multiplayer feature for years, players finally got what they asked for at the start of 2020, making it possible to compete with your friends in one of the most challenging online racing games of all time.

Top Speed 2

There’s no big secret to the success of Top Speed 2. Its dynamics are simple as it focuses on one type of racing: drag. What makes it unique is that apart from simply being the best drag racing game on mobile, it not only supports multiplayer racing, but also regularly features live events, which makes its leaderboard extra interesting.

This is the go-to online racing game for any virtual racer who’s obsessed with drag racing — period.