Hamilton/Mercedes dominance greater than Schumacher & Ferrari - Haug

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The level of dominance enjoyed by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes is higher than any at point of the Michael Schumacher/Ferrari era, Norbert Haug believes.

Since the start of the hybrid era in 2014, Hamilton has claimed all-but-one of his six Formula 1 titles, 75 percent of his 88 race wins and two-thirds of his 92 pole positions.

It now also almost seems certain that the Briton will match Schumacher as a seven-time champion and surpass his record of 91 victories at some point in 2020.

And commenting on his achievements, Alain Prost does see similarities between the two periods of dominance.

“It is unbelievable what Lewis has done,” the Frenchman told PA news agency. “But you can only do that if you have a long [period of] domination and a long-term commitment with a team.

“When Michael did it we all thought it would not be possible to beat his records because of how modern Formula 1 is, but we now have a period of domination with Lewis and Mercedes.

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“You can compare the dominance of Ferrari and Michael and Mercedes and Lewis because it is basically the same story.

“You have a perfect organisation with key people in the team and a number one and a number two driver.

“Psychologically you have a very stable situation which puts you in a very strong position.

“Sometimes people don’t realise what Lewis is doing because he has produced some exceptional laps, but he can only do that because he is comfortable in the team, confident with the team, and that can help you find the last tenths of a second.”

Talking to F1-Insider.com however, former Mercedes motorsport boss Haug believes the level of domination Hamilton and the German manufacturer has is exceeding that which Schumacher and Ferrari enjoyed.

“Michael never had such a superior environment and such an unrivalled racing car as Lewis finds at Mercedes," he said.

Hamilton Haug

"Which should by no means diminish the great performance of this man and exceptional driver, whom I have accompanied from karting to Formula Renault, Formula 3, GP2 to Formula 1, and then his first pole position, his first victory at the GP Canada 2007 and his first world championship win in 2008.

“What Lewis has shown in terms of consistency and ability in Formula 1 for 14 years now, is simply unique and has never been there before. And in my estimation, it will most likely never be repeated.”