Aston Martin can offer Vettel his 'second spring' in F1 - Green

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Aston Martin will provide an environment that allows Sebastian Vettel to have a "second spring" in Formula 1, technical director Andrew Green says.

With Ferrari deciding to drop him after this season back in May, the four-time world champion will head to pastures new at the current Racing Point squad for their big rebrand in 2021.

Reaction to his move has been largely positive, and Green is confident the support Vettel will get will allow him to return to his best.

“We are all looking forward to him,” he told Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

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“Everyone knows what a good racing driver he is. Nobody forgets how to drive a car fast. You just have to have the right car and the right people around you to do your job.

“Obviously he’s having problems right now but we can offer what he needs to return to his old form. The whole team wants him, he will feel that.

“We know he can bring to us as much as we can for him. Everyone in the team is looking forward to January until we can finally work with him. With us, he can experience his second spring.”

On Vettel's recent struggles at Ferrari, the Racing Point chief was asked if he thought they were psychological or simply having a car that doesn't suit him.

“I would say a combination of both. It’s difficult to judge what percentage one or the other has," Green replied.

“With us, he will get the people and the tools to return to the level we know and expect from him and it will help us a lot.

“If he just opens the door to the factory, it will increase the motivation of every single employee. When a multiple-time World Champion gets into one of our cars, it’s also an appreciation of the people who work here.

“We deserve it," he added on the team's increasing status. "We were facing bankruptcy 18 months ago. This team almost didn’t exist anymore, and now a world champion wants to drive for us.”

Commenting on the impact Vettel will have at Aston Martin, Green explained: “Sebastian will need a few days in the simulator to get a good impression of what to expect and where the journey with us is going.

“Then there is still time to tell us what he wants from this car and where we can or must find time. We can adapt our work to his needs. That’s what makes it so exciting.

“We haven’t had a driver change for a long time, certainly not on this scale because Perez has been with us forever.

"Our entire experience builds on this. With Vettel, a completely different kind of experience and ideas will come, about how we have to develop and prepare our car.”