Norris wants to lead McLaren back to 'the good times' in F1

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Lando Norris says he wants to lead McLaren back to the "good times" in Formula 1.

The Briton, who has been with the team since 2019 and longer as a junior, signed a new contract extension with McLaren until 2023 back in May.

This as Norris has established himself as the clear lead driver in 2021, scoring points at every race and currently sitting fourth in the Drivers' Championship.

However, given McLaren is without a win since 2012 or a championship since 2008, does the 23-year-old have any concerns they won't be back at the front as F1 embarks on a new era from 2022?

“No, I have good confidence in my team and McLaren,” Norris said via

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“I am happy. It is always a bit in the unknown, but I think we are heading in the right direction. I have a good team behind me and I’m happy to stick with them for several more years.

"I’m sure there are going to be plenty of other teams that will be fighting us and are going to be strong too. But I’m happy with where I am.”

In fact, Norris has made his career goal to be the man who leads McLaren back to the top in F1.

"I want to be that kind of guy who can lead the team, who has been there for many years, who has helped them through the bad times and help them achieve the good times," he said.

"That's why I'm still here, that's why I signed for some more years because I want to be in that position.

"Even this year I already took a step forward in that position. I'm feeling like a different and improved driver to the last couple of seasons, taking on more responsibility and leading the team in more ways.

"So that's definitely something I like, something I want to be able to do going into the future."

And while most drivers are only focused on success, Norris says the relationships he has at McLaren are just as important.

"As much as I want to win races and win championships and so on, the other thing that's just as important to me is making sure I enjoy where I am," he explained.

"So just as much as winning and success means to me, actually having fun, enjoying my life is just as important. And that comes with the loyalty side of it, the same mechanics, the same engineers working with those people for many years and that's where I get a lot of that from.

"There's nothing more that I like than to continue being where I am."