Perez 'very sorry' as spin leaves Verstappen exposed at British GP

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Sergio Perez was "very sorry" to his Red Bull team after spinning out of Sprint Qualifying at the British Grand Prix.

The Mexican was fortunate to avoid the barrier after the rear snapped around on his car entering Chapel and the Hangar Straight.

Running towards the back with ruined tyres, Perez was unable to make any kind of recovery with Red Bull retiring the car on the penultimate lap.

“I had a bad start and trying to get positions back with the car, managing the pace, and picking up the throttle out of the corner I just lost it,” he explained.

“I became a passenger very early on, which meant that I lost the car and did a lot of damage to my race.

“A big shame, I’m very sorry for the team, it's been a very low day from my side, but tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to it.”

Perhaps the only upside is Red Bull do have the option now to take Perez's car out of Parc Ferme, which all teams have been under since Friday, allowing them to optimise its setup for race day.

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And with tyre management set to be a key part on Sunday, with many drivers dealing with blistering during the Sprint Qualifying, Checo may have a chance to carve his way back through the field.

“It’s hard after days like today, but tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to figure out what we are able to do better," he stated.

“Hopefully we are able to get it right and minimise the damage of today.”

The only problem is it's unlikely Perez will be in any position to help teammate Max Verstappen, who now faces the prospect of two Mercedes doing all they can to beat him despite starting from pole.