Red Bull insist chassis, not engine to blame for lack of pace

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko insists the chassis remains the team's main weakness after an uncompetitive weekend in Bahrain.

Max Verstappen had to rely on Ferrari's downfall in the race to claim fourth, while teammate Pierre Gasly again failed to make Q3 in qualifying and could only improve to P8 on Sunday.

Problems optimising the soft tyre was blamed for the lack of performance, with Marko explaining it is part of a bigger issue that will be addressed in the coming races.

"We have an aerodynamic problem, and that is in the chassis," the Austrian was quoted by

"The solution is not a matter of doing it in a week. The first package of updates will come in China next week and only in Spain will the necessary aerodynamic adjustments be made."

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On Honda, the Red Bull chief says there can be no complaints so far.

"Honda is doing a good job, nothing breaks, we can't say anything about that," he stated.

"We ourselves are wrong in terms of balance. It has to be better, we lack pure speed.

"We must gradually get closer to Mercedes and Ferrari, and find the solutions to our problem. That is really necessary."

While still very early days, Max Verstappen was asked in Bahrain if he was concerned that another year could pass with Red Bull unable to challenge for the title.

"I know the situation, but I will not lose sleep if it doesn't happen," he was quoted by

"It's difficult anyway. If I do not succeed in these next two years, then I would just try again the next time."