Leclerc labels himself 'strange' for not feeling pressure at Ferrari

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Charles Leclerc has described himself as "strange" for not feeling additional pressure since joining Ferrari.

The Monegasque made a steady start to life at the Scuderia in Australia but would dominate the following race weekend in Bahrain, securing his first pole and only failing to win due to an engine issue.

His composure and skill throughout that weekend has earned plaudits from every direction, but Leclerc insists it is all part of reaching his simple goal.

“I just want to be the best possible,” he told “I try to focus on my weaknesses so that I can eliminate them as soon as possible.

“All drivers say they feel more pressure, to be honest with me, that’s not the case, why, I do not know.

“I’m just a bit strange there.”

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Some of the easiness in his transition likely comes from having spent several years already with Ferrari as part of their academy.

That means much of the initial mystique of being at Maranello has already been overcome.

Commenting on how things have changed since becoming a race driver though, Leclerc said: “Everything is a size bigger that means more people are working on even more details and it’s very impressive how methodically everything works.”