Kvyat, Gasly question introduction of some qualifying races in 2020

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Toro Rosso drivers, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat, are critical of plans to introduce some qualifying races in 2020.

It was confirmed after Monza, that Formula 1 teams had unanimously agreed to the idea which is expected to see four races feature a Saturday sprint race with drivers starting in reverse championship order.

However, while that may offer the chance for smaller teams as the leading drivers try to recover from the back, Kvyat questions if such a format is in keeping with the DNA of F1.

“I think it is a band-aid, it is not a fix to the real problem," he said via PlanetF1.

“We should have a closer more competitive field together. Then we don’t need to create these sprint races or whatever.

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“But then I think the same as with Halo. It will go in, people will complain a bit, and then we’ll get on with it, even it sounds like it is going a bit away from the tradition of this sport.”

His teammate Gasly agreed, though did voice one critique of the current three-part system, the need for drivers who make Q3 to start on the tyres they used in Q2.

"I’m pretty happy with the current format," he told RaceFans.

"One thing which is always a bit tricky is this Q2 tyre. Sometimes in the midfield, qualifying with the softest compound when the guys ahead manage to qualify with the medium, for sure it makes even bigger advantage for the guys in front.

"So I don’t think the format is a massive problem," he continued.

"The main thing is just to make us race closer to each other, but then after I think it’s no problem to try that if they want just to try and see what the outcome [is] because until we try we cannot really know."