Hamilton reflects on 'best season of my life' as he eyes F1's youngsters in 2020

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Lewis Hamilton looked back on what he called the "best season of my life" after officially becoming a six-time Formula 1 champion on Friday.

The Briton gathered with the very best from every FIA motorsport series for the annual prize-giving and gala in Paris to receive the World Drivers' Championship trophy for the fifth time in six years.

And upon collecting his prize from FIA president Jean Todt, expressed great pride following another dominant year.

“For me, this has definitely been the best season of my life, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with this incredible team, which has almost 2,000 people,” said Hamilton.

“Fighting hard with Valtteri and a lot of these up-and-coming drivers this year has been fantastic.”

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Indeed, for many the story of 2019 has been the emergence of the next generation with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen leading the charge.

And after winning the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton revealed the satisfaction he gets from fighting those drivers.

“There’s a lot of youngsters coming through and, if you look at the grid, from second to seventh or eighth was all super youngsters,” he told Sky Sports.

“So really proud to be in a period of time where there are such great young people coming through.

“These guys have been doing a phenomenal job and I feel privileged to be in the period of time that they are here and looking forward to more close battles with us in the future.

“I hope it gets close for us next year.”

Set to turn 35 next month though, Lewis still feels more than capable of keeping them at bay.

“I feel fresh and ready to keep going – I wish I could keep going!” he said.

“What a way to end the season. As a team as a whole, just so strong. Valtteri (Bottas) did a great job as well. Just so grateful to everyone’s hard work this year and dedication and raising the bar.

“I would say, even more so, that the support has been just unbelievable. Really, really overwhelming.”