'We can safely say F1 is not coming to Miami' Mayor warns as vote delayed

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Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has warned "we can safely say Formula 1 is not coming to Miami" after a key vote was delayed.

On Wednesday, local commissioners were set to decide on a zoning ordinance brought forward by district commissioner Barbara Jordan which would stop the area around Hard Rock Stadium, the current proposed location, from hosting motorsport events.

However, after a new proposed layout and other concessions were revealed last week to appease local opposition, she called for that vote to be delayed until February 4.

This is the latest in a long line of setbacks F1 bosses and Miami promoters have faced in bringing the Grand Prix to fruition.

As it stands, an agreement in principle was reached last year for a race starting in 2021 for 10 years around Hard Rock Stadium, but if this vote and other opposition continues, Mayor Gimenez notes that the timeline will be too short to be ready.

“It takes 18 months to two years to build a track so, if we defer this, or pass this ordinance, we can pretty safely say Formula 1 is not coming to Miami," he was quoted by F1i.com

“We’d have another process where it goes to the city of Miami Gardens before it comes back over here and that takes months and months.

“They wouldn’t be able to build the track for a 2021 race and they’re not going to wait for 2022.”

And in the face of this "stonewalling", Mayor Gimenez absolutely ruled out moving to Miami's NASCAR venue.

“If Formula 1 wants to be in Miami, it’ll be at the Hard Rock Stadium. Not at Homestead [Raceway] or anywhere else," he added.