Giovinazzi ignoring pressure from Ferrari juniors for 2021 seat

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Antonio Giovinazzi is focusing on himself rather than the threat posed by Ferrari's junior drivers to his seat for 2021.

The Italian recently played down the Scuderia's decision to overlook him in favour of Carlos Sainz as Sebastian Vettel's replacement for next season.

However, for Giovinazzi, simply remaining at Alfa Romeo will be enough of a challenge with five Ferrari Academy members all competing in F2 this year, most notably of course Mick Schumacher.

But while they might all be staring at his drive, Antonio doesn't see the situation any different to other years.

“I always said there [has been] pressure on my career every year because I got where I got with my sacrifice, hard work, and this year will be the same as last year or two years ago,” he told the F1 Nation podcast.

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“[If I] just do well I can continue on my way. I’ll just focus on my feeling or on my experience, work really hard, I have Kimi [Raikkonen] as a teammate so I can still grow.

“Already last year I did a big step from the first part of the season to the second part.

“I need to just work again and try to grow up as a driver and do well and ensure I can stay in this world for a long period.”

Of course, there is also the possibility of Giovinazzi proving himself worthy of leading Alfa Romeo, should Kimi Raikkonen decide to retire after 2020.

And one way he's done that is by betting his famously long hair on achieving what would be a remarkable feat for the Swiss team.

“All the hairdressers were closed so it was perfect as I like long hair,” Giovinazzi said on the even longer ponytail that he had in Australia.

“I say I will cut it if I do a podium this year! So it’s like a bet with [team boss] Fred Vasseur, I’m sure he is pushing to cut my hair, but I love long hair, so I say if I do podium it is good for me, good for the team, I will cut my hair!

“Last year I lost my hair at the Red Bull Ring as I got my first point – so I said this year [it only happens] if I do a podium!”