Rossi 'very jealous' F1 drivers can enjoy 'one of the best tracks' at Mugello

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Valentino Rossi admits he is "very jealous" Formula 1 gets to race at "one of the best tracks in the world" at Mugello this weekend.

Though the Tuscan circuit is owned by Ferrari, its biggest event each year is usually the Italian MotoGP, a race the legendary 'Doctor' has won nine times across the three classes.

This year's event at Mugello though was cancelled due to Covid-19, so to see F1 racing there for the first time is creating some envy as Rossi prepares for MotoGP's San Marino GP at Misano.

“I am very jealous because we don’t race in Mugello this year, so for me and a lot of riders, it is one of the best tracks in the world for the motorcycles and the cars," he said.

“I drove the Ferrari F1 car two times in Mugello and it was incredible, plus one time in the wet which was unbelievable especially Savelli [Turn 7], Arrabbiata 1 [Turn 8] and Arrabbiata 2 [Turn 9]. 

“In Arrabiata 2 you go flat with an F1 car at 275km/h and it is completely blind because you’re lower in F1 compared to MotoGP so you don’t see the exit.

“I think they will enjoy it and I am curious to follow it. I think the track is a bit narrow because the cars are big but I think everyone will enjoy Mugello a lot.”

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Also on F1 matters, Rossi was also asked about Sebastian Vettel and the confirmation he will join Aston Martin next season.

“It’s a great shame, he is finishing in a bad way at Ferrari,” the Italian commented. “Also because they were close to winning the championship one or two times, but didn’t.

"Now it is bad to see the situation because the car is quite slow and Vettel is a top driver, so I think he will demonstrate his speed with Aston Martin.”