Hamilton accepts 'boring' F1 criticism, fears 2021 won't change it

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Lewis Hamilton has called for pressure to be put on Formula 1 bosses to change the current structure he blames for the "boring" show.

The top four places at the French Grand Prix were decided on the opening lap as the gaps would gradually increase meaning all the action took place down the field.

Hamilton would eventually cross the finish line some 18 seconds clear of teammate Valtteri Bottas, securing Mercedes' sixth 1-2 in eight races and continuing their 100 per cent winning record in 2019

After the race, the Briton acknowledged the lack of action while defending the drivers on track.

"When you write the story and you say 'it's boring'... if you do, I totally understand it," he said via ESPN.

"I remember growing up watching it... [but] don't point the fingers at the drivers because we don't write the rules, we don't have anything to do with the money shift and all that kind of stuff. We should put the pressure on people that are at the head.

"This is a constant cycle of Formula 1 for years and years and years even before I got here, it's because of the way Bernie [Ecclestone] had it set up and the decisions that were made then are still the same.

"Until that management structure changes it will continue to be the same, in my opinion, and that's not my job to do that, it's my job to do the best I can as a driver."

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Hopes are being pinned on changes for 2021 to try and revitalise the F1 product, but having been involved in the discussions for the first time at a meeting in Paris last week, Hamilton wasn't convinced.

"I think they are trying to but for many, many years they've made bad decisions," he was quoted by GPFans.com.

"They've extended the decision of making the rules. I think they need to because they're nowhere near where it should be in my opinion and they've got to make some serious changes to the decisions that they've already made of how 2021 should be.

"What I'm encouraged by is that Ross [Brawn] and his team are working - for the first time – on a real aero package that hopefully will have an impact on following, for example.

"But as I said, the cars going heavier is not a great thing. We need to get the cars lower, I think. People really enjoyed the speed of the cars between the early 2000s I think it was.

"It still needs to be Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport and the fastest cars that there are around the world."