Red Bull: Gasly now must deliver as car investigation draws a blank

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has stated Pierre Gasly is "out of excuses" as an investigation into his car drew no clear faults.

After only claiming 10th in France due to a penalty for Daniel Ricciardo, the team order a thorough going over of the Frenchman's car to look for any irregularities which Gasly claimed were hampering his progress.

His performance was even worse in Austria as he finished a full lap behind teammate and race winner Max Verstappen, and now it appears the support the Red Bull has shown the 23-year-old this season appears to be shifting.

“It [the car] has to deliver now, but so does Gasly,” Marko told Motorsport-Total.

“He was always looking for issues with the car, in the chassis. We have looked through this and there was nothing.

“The plan now is to support him as much as possible. He gets Max’s set-up from the start because he’s the more experienced driver and has a more experienced engineering team.

“He can mess around with it, but he can’t seriously move away from it – he was experimenting with his set-up before and jumping from one extreme to the other.”

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Team boss Christian Horner added his concern claiming "the harder he’s trying, the slower he goes" and believes it is upto Gasly to simply focus on himself.

“Obviously there’s an awful lot of scrutiny on him at the moment, an awful lot of speculation about how long his future will be,” he said via PlanetF1.

“But as a team, he has our full support, we’re doing our best to work with him.

“(He should) not focus too much on the data and try to be perfect, and just drive the car and ignore his team-mate. That’s my advice to him.”

“Turn your phone off, don’t look at any of the social media and just drive the car.”