Silverstone speed leaves Red Bull optimistic for upcoming races

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Red Bull are optimistic about the next two upcoming races based on their performance at last weekend's British Grand Prix.

The Milton Keynes outfit had the second-fastest car in Sunday's race as Max Verstappen made his way past both Ferraris before being taken out by Sebastian Vettel and dropping to fifth.

But given the high-speed nature of Silverstone and realising Red Bull's full potential wasn't seen due to the intense battles, team boss Christian Horner was delighted.

"It’s really encouraging to be this close to Mercedes around this type of track," he said via

“We know it is power-sensitive, and to be able to follow the Ferraris as closely as we were able to through Maggots, Becketts and Copse, Max was able to take some serious momentum behind the Ferraris there and that’s usually the sign of a pretty decent car."

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Recent gains have been made particularly at the front of the RB15, with Red Bull fixing the problems they had with the new front wings for 2019.

And with the engine set to be less influential at the upcoming races ahead of the summer break, that could even put a second win of the year in their sights.

"We’ve got confidence going to Hockenheim following the performance at Silverstone," Horner noted.

"This, after Monza, is one of the most power-sensitive circuits on the calendar, you are flat out on the lap here for pretty much the entirety of the lap.

"So that’s encouraging for us, and certainly for a track like Hockenheim which is less power-sensitive than here.

"Hungary is a track we have always performed well at. Hopefully, we can have a strong car there."