Williams making 'a start' on addressing car problems, Kubica claims

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Williams is making "a start" on fixing the car issues which have left them struggling at the back of the grid, Robert Kubica claims.

The Grove-based team has been playing catch up throughout 2019 after delays during the winter caused them to miss the first three days of testing.

And only now, nearly at the halfway point of the season, the Polish driver believes progress is finally being made at Williams

“We brought some aero improvements, you can clearly see them,” he said of upgrades brought to Silverstone.

“It’s a start of what we will be getting in the next few races hopefully. I think it’s good to see.

"We have to just keep working and the guys in the factory are doing and hopefully, we’ll keep improving this car and adding some downforce which definitely in Formula 1 helps.”

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Interestingly, however, Kubica didn't give a definitive answer to if he thought Williams' worst days were now behind them.

“Well, I think in Formula 1 everybody is working hard and bringing improvements on the car,” he noted.

“For us, it’s hopefully a start. As I said it’s not massive I would say, so we shouldn’t really be expecting big improvements, but it will be very vital and important to see the new parts are delivering what we are expecting."

Amid the pre-season turmoil, technical director Paddy Lowe took a leave of absence from Williams, with that becoming a permanent departure last month.

And the team has been reluctant to give an explanation over what exactly took place, with Kubica also coy when asked about the potential impact of his exit. 

“It’s difficult to know, and I don’t want to go too much into the detail, but definitely there has been and there is still work on restructuring the factory, in the factory," he explained.

“People in the top management are taking decisions of moving people and restructuring. It’s something which requires time, but definitely, when you have people leaving they are emptying some slots, gaps, it needs time to restructure.

“We have to, and we are, working on as a team and we have to give credit to the people who are working on this car,” Kubica added. “So let’s wait and see.

“I think no-one is chilling out in the paddock. Everyone’s trying to extract maximum from the cars, and also from the facility and the people, and we are in a difficult situation but we have to keep working and pushing, the only way of improving is to try our best.”