Vettel/ Hamilton swap in 2021? 'Everything is open', says Wolff

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says anything is possible in Formula 1 for 2021, even Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton swapping seats.

Currently, the Austrian is choosing between Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Ocon to decide who will team up alongside the reigning world champion next season.

However, the following year could be a free-for-all with many contracts expiring and, while Vettel has come under scrutiny for multiple mistakes over the past year, the Mercedes chief insists the German is still a quality driver.

"You don't become a four-time world champion by chance," GPFans quoted Wolff as telling La Gazzetta dello Sport

"Sebastian is and remains a pillar of this Ferrari. Then what he will do in 2021 I don't know. Everything is open after 2020."

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Indeed, the Italian publication even suggested the possibility of Hamilton going the other way to the Scuderia.

“Hamilton is comfortable at Mercedes: he trusts us and we trust him," he declared. "Having said that, Ferrari is a myth and sometimes an irrational dream for drivers. It is a strong brand which is appeals not only to drivers.”

A more likely target for the German manufacturer is believed to be Max Verstappen, although should they choose Ocon for 2020 that route appears much less likely.

Still, Toto wouldn't rule anything out...

"We are talking too far ahead, we are fighting for the 2019 title and planning for 2020," he said.

There was one driver he claimed wouldn't get a seat at Mercedes while ever Hamilton was present, however, Fernando Alonso.

"We don't want to repeat certain stories lived when the two were together with McLaren," Wolff stated.