Vettel: F1 drivers the only neutral party in 2021 talks

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Sebastian Vettel has praised the decision to include the drivers in talks to shape the Formula 1 rules from 2021.

Originally, Lewis Hamilton was the first to take an interest but that has now expanded with the Grand Prix Drivers Association represented at every meeting between F1, teams and the FIA.

And after months of political wrangling over topics like budget caps, standard parts and more, Vettel believes the drivers bring a much-needed asset to the discussions

“I think we’re probably the only ones around that table that do not have a motive behind what we’re saying," he told RaceFans.

“We are very neutral. All we care for is the sport.

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“It’s a great chance for us plus a great chance for everyone else on that table because I feel we bring something to the table that hasn’t been covered before.

“We bring the inside perspective. I definitely feel that people are listening and taking it on board.

“Now we have to see what happens.

“Some of it is politics and some of it is tactics and whatever but as I said we are staying out of this and saying what we think is the best going forward in order for us and everyone else who loves the sport to enjoy it more.”

The need for an agreement is becoming more urgent as time ticks down to a deadline at the end of October, which was already an extension to the original date back in June.

With the rules also needing to be ratified by the World Motor Sport Council in that time, the reality is next month is when the big decisions need to be made.