Magnussen: 'Suck my balls' incident with Hulkenberg overblown by media

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Kevin Magnussen believes the 'suck my balls' incident with Nico Hulkenberg has been overblown by the media.

The moment came in the paddock after the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2017 when the German confronted Magnussen after the pair had come to blows in the race with the Renault driver forced off track.

In response, the Dane simply said the now infamous line which instantly became a meme and has been brought up since.

“The whole episode and the fact that I’m still asked about it today shows what’s going wrong in this media world,” the Haas driver told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Of course, I understand that people click on stories like that, but if the cameras had never seen it then Nico and I wouldn’t even think about it today.”

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The reason why there is now renewed reminders of the incident is Hulkenberg and Magnussen could be teammates in 2020 if recent rumours are true.

“My final word is simply that my respect for Nico is great and I have nothing against him personally,” Kevin continued.

“I don’t know him as a person, but I haven’t heard anyone speak badly about him. That’s it.

“I would not say that we have a relationship, we are opponents on the track, we are not friends.

"Of course I have great respect for his driving skills. He is a very talented, complete driver. I really have nothing against him.”