Webber 'wishes' Ricciardo never left Red Bull, hopes he can 'get out' of Renault

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Mark Webber has again voiced his frustration at Daniel Ricciardo's decision to join Renault.

The Australian was one of the vocal critics of his fellow countryman's surprise call to leave Red Bull and seek a new challenge, often questioning if the French manufacturer could deliver on their promises.

Now, two-thirds of the way into Ricciardo's first season at Renault, despite some occasional optimistic results, Webber's fears are being realised.

“He was at Red Bull, I wish he stayed there because it is a better package,” he told Fox Sports.

“Obviously there were some financial terms but Red Bull wasn’t far off his [contract] numbers anyway."

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Questions are also already being asked of Ricciardo's future beyond 2020 and Webber worries the 'Honey Badger' could be overlooked due to the next generation.

“He could be regretting that two-year phase now, but he’s gotta get back out of [regret] now," he continued.

“Young guys come in and the landscape changes really fast in two years. You think, ‘yeah, I’m cool, I’ve got a bit of time’. Next minute, people come along.

“Touch wood, he can get out of it.”

Ricciardo will face one such young threat when Esteban Ocon joins him at Renault next season.