Honda rule out works team, only focusing on engine project

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Honda isn't interested in relaunching a works team despite the rule changes coming for 2021.

Plans to reduce the inequality in revenue distribution and a new $175m budget cap have seen possible future team owners express their wish to enter Formula 1 in the coming years.

However, while the lower spending may present an opportunity, Honda, who pulled out their works team after 2008, don't want to add to their current workload.

“No, not at the moment,” the head of their F1 operation Masashi Yamamoto told RaceFans.

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“We know that continuity in Formula 1 is very important, so we have done five years for power unit and somehow now reaching a good area.

“However if we start the chassis now we are going to have another struggle again which we don’t want.”

Yamamoto also believes Honda is sticking to their strengths by concentrating on the power unit.

“There’s not much advantage for being a supplier in this world, however, as you know from our name Honda Motor, we have started with the engine,” he added.

“We think we are engine specialists so we want to be at the top in the highest world of engine technology for us. That’s what we are trying.”

One negative to their limited participation is an inability to weld as much power as the other carmakers on the grid.

Honda though does believe their voice can be heard.

“Of course it’s kind of like a disadvantage being a supplier in terms of regulations,” Yamamoto admitted.

“But we are joining the manufacturers’ meeting for the power unit so we can discuss the regulations there.

“In addition, about the sporting regulations, technical regulations, we can discuss with Red Bull and Toro Rosso.”