Top three teams complete requested Pirelli tyre test in Barcelona

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Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have completed a requested two-day tyre test with Pirelli in Barcelona.

The outing came after the Italian supplier was granted permission by the FIA to conduct the additional running, with the top three teams responding by providing a car each.

Though some focus has already switched the 18-inch wheels coming for 2021, this test solely focused on next year's rubber, the last of the 13-inch generation. 

“We had a busy couple of days in Barcelona, alternately testing our 2020 tyres for F1 and F2," Pirelli motorsport boss Mario Isola commented.

"On Monday, Sebastian Vettel completed 145 laps for Ferrari while Alex Albon drove 115 laps for Red Bull. On Tuesday, Esteban Ocon drove 144 laps for Mercedes, making a combined total of 404 laps over two days.

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“In Formula 1, the aim of the test was to validate the latest specification of 13-inch 2020 tyres following the most recent guidelines agreed with the teams. We carried out plenty of running with the three top teams over two days, which enabled us to collect the data that we wanted.

“As a result, we are now in a position to nominate the 2020 specification. Many thanks to all three teams and drivers that took part."

The hope is that for next year, Pirelli can offer tyres which have a wider operating window following complaints from most teams that this year's compounds were simply too temperature sensitive.

It has been reported that all teams will get the chance to run a 2020-spec tyre during practice at the US Grand Prix next month.