Magnussen already considering 2021 move: 'I deserve a top seat'

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Kevin Magnussen will be considering his Formula 1 options for 2021, believing he deserves a chance in a top team.

The Dane is competing in his sixth season in F1, but his best result remains the second place he scored at t his first race at McLaren back in 2014.

Since then, a difficult year at Renault and two so-so seasons at Haas have seen him mired in the midfield, but he feels a shot at the front of the grid should come his way.

“I feel that I am in the queue of drivers who deserve a seat in a top team,” Magnussen, who'll race in his 100th Grand Prix in Mexico said via

“But what you feel is not so important. The only thing I can really do is deliver, and then trust that the people around me can open some doors. I’m only 27 so I think I am at the right age and experience."

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His most likely chance is coming for 2021 with most seats on the grid up for grabs but with the large overhaul in regulations coming too, making the right move is tricky.

“I would like to sit in the best possible seat for 2021," Magnussen stated. "I’m open and relaxed about it, it’s not something I’m thinking about right now but I do need to think about it eventually.”

The issue some teams may have with Magnussen is his very aggressive driving style which has made him few friends on the grid even if he has also shown solid speed.

“It was not a conscious strategy,” he said of his approach. “It was not about getting respect. I just look at the rules in the same way as I look at the white lines on the track – the closer you get to them, the faster you drive, there’s no need to give the white lines any space.

"I try not to read what is written and said about me because the attitudes I need from the team and my bosses is full respect,” he concluded.