Albon had to do 'too much overtaking' in US GP but earns Red Bull praise

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Alex Albon had to do "too much overtaking" to claim fifth place at the US Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver fell to the back of the field after being caught between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz on the exit of Turn 1 at the start.

But, for the third time since joining the senior team back at Spa, he would produce a strong fight through the field to keep his run of top-six finishes alive.

“It was a bit mixed. I was a bit disappointed, well, frustrated with that one,” Albon said post-race.

“Just from driving it, I felt like I had nowhere to go [at the start], I was just a bit sandwiched. No blame on anyone, three into one is always a bit difficult.

“We got these quite nasty kerbs, so we took some floor damage and had to change the front wing.

“The race was really a recovery race from then on”, he added. “I think we did a good job to get where we were without any Safety Cars or anything.

“I had a lot of fun out there. I did a bit too much overtaking, more than I would have liked to, but yeah, not too bad.”

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It does appear, however, his performance was another solid step in terms of earning him the seat at Red Bull for 2020.

"He’s done a great job today, Alex," team boss Christian Horner stated. "He was unlucky at the first corner, he ended up on a pincer-move.

"But his comeback on what turned out to be a three-stop strategy for him today, I think he passed Carlos Sainz about three times. I think we counted something like 15, 16 overtakes today!

"It’s a strong recovery, I think you forget that he’s in his first year, even. We’ve been really encouraged with the development he’s been making – another positive day for him."