Hamilton-to-Ferrari speculation keeps rolling and Mercedes is fuelling it!

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The never-ending talk of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari continues and it's his own Mercedes boss Toto Wolff behind it!

Formula 1's newly recrowned world champion has long insisted he remains committed to the German manufacturer, with whom he's been associated since aged 13.

However, despite the constant denials, Wolff believes the attraction of driving for Ferrari still remains.

“It’s natural that drivers always dream of Ferrari, the most important brand in Formula 1,” he told Sky Italia. “Red is like the sun in F1.”

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When asked though if he thought Hamilton would chase the "sun", the Austrian replied: “He needs to be with a team and with people who love to work and his emotions and heart are definitely with Mercedes today.

“We hope to have the two most competitive drivers in Formula 1 and he (Hamilton) is our priority today.”

The next 12 months may well decide if Hamilton ever does decide to join Ferrari with his contract expiring and a possible seat available if Sebastian Vettel moves on.

And Wolff isn't alone in having his suspicions that the 34-year-old could contemplate the switch.

“Lewis wants all the records and then winning with Ferrari would be the final step. I reckon he is thinking about it,” 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve told the Italian broadcaster.

If that was to happen then Mercedes admit they do have alternatives in mind.

“If he wants to have a look at the market, we have to as well, and there are others that I like, Wolff concluded.