F1 boss Domenicali urges Binotto to focus on 'priorities' at Ferrari

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Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has urged under pressure Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto to focus on "priorities".

Last year, the Italian team managed just three podiums all season and slumped to their worst championship finish in 40 years in sixth.

In 2021, the outlook is a little more positive with an updated package likely bringing Ferrari back into the fight for third with the likes of Aston Martin, McLaren and Alpine.

And Domenicali, who was team boss at Maranello between 2008-2014, believes concentrating on those areas which will help Ferrari back towards the front is his best way to win over the critics.

“I see a company looking for a stability that can guarantee competitiveness,” he told Italy's Corriere Della Serre.

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“I have nothing to recommend to my friend Mattia Binotto, but at Ferrari, it’s about staying focused on priorities without being distracted by the enormous pressure that surrounds you.”

Recently Domenicali, who replaced Chase Carey as F1 boss at the start of the year, said a competitive Ferrari was essential for the sport.

But he notes how Lewis Hamilton, who has won six of the last seven Drivers' Championships attracts a wider fanbase.

“The Ferrari adventure affects the entire sports audience, including myself,” the 55-year-old said.

“Hamilton, who aims to become the only eight-time world champion driver and in the meantime communicates his ideas, touches particular strings but attracts people further away from the competitive spirit.

“This is why I will meet all the drivers. It is important that each of them understand the importance of their role not only as a professional, but as a man who cares about what is around him.”