Schumacher undergoing therapy in Paris hospital - report

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Michael Schumacher is in a Paris hospital undergoing a new stem-cell therapy, reports from France claim.

The health of the seven-time Formula 1 has been a closely-guarded secret since his skiing accident in 2013 which left him with severe head injuries.

However, according to Le Parisien, Schumacher was transferred into Georges-Pompidou hospital on Monday via ambulance from his home in Geneva.

The report says Schumacher is undergoing a stem-cell transfusion by renowned surgeon Philippe Menasche with the aim of reducing inflammation in his brain.

Sky News explained the procedure sees damaged cells replaced with healthy ones taken from blood or bone marrow.

It is claimed the treatment will be over by Wednesday with the 50-year-old then returning home to continue his recovery.

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Little is known about Schumacher's condition, although there was hope when FIA president and family friend Jean Todt revealed he had watched last year's Brazilian Grand Prix with Michael at his home.

Another former Ferrari colleague Ross Brawn has also commented that he agrees with the decision to keep his condition secret.

“I am constantly in touch with [his wife] Corinna, and I totally agree with their decision," he said previously.

“Michael has always been a very private person and that's been a guiding principle in his career, his life and his family always agreed with that choice.

'It's completely understandable that Corinna has wanted to maintain the same approach, even after the tragic event, and it's a decision we must all respect.

“I'm sure the millions of people who are still Michael fans will understand it, too.”

A former boss at Mercedes, Nick Fry, argued that more should be made public given Schumacher's huge following.

“Corinna [Schumacher’s wife] and the family have kept very tight control on information about his condition which, I think, is a pity,” he said via RaceFans

“There are millions of people out there who have a genuine affection for Michael, and that’s not just his fans in Germany or fans of Mercedes-Benz. Because of what he achieved. people would like to know about his condition; they are inquisitive and they genuinely feel for him.”

Schumacher's family and manager Sabine Kehm has refused to comment on the Paris treatment report, while the city's hospital authority denied on privacy grounds.