Italian F4 Championship: Ugran resists the entire race

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At the start Dino Beganovic (Prema Powerteam) started well from pole, followed by Jonny Edgar (VAR - Red Bull Junior Team) attacked behind, while Jack Crawford (VAR - Red Bull Junior Team) remains at the back.

The Englishman masterfully manages to overtake the Swede, while Crawford in an attempt to do the same thing touches Beganovic and goes into a spin. Filip Ugran (Jenzer Motorsport) passes.

Meanwhile, an accident in the rear positions requires the immediate entry of the safety car.

At the restart, Edgar, Ugran and Beganovic parade, but the first goes straight ("I was touched") and Ugran passes first. The Englishman immediately returns to the attack, but the Romanian manages to resist for the whole race.

10 'from the end Crawford overtakes Beganovic and conquers third.

Ugran keeps the lead, but slows down the big group that comes together, with Edgar, Crawford, Beganovic, Chovanek, Rosso, Pizzi and Minì behind him.

Bad start of Gabriele Minì who stalls and from 7th position finds himself in 18th, only to be the fastest immediately after Edgar and conquer the final eighth place. In front of him two Italians, Rosso and Pizzi, the latter with a good recovery from tenth position on the grid.

Italian F4 Championship Ugran resists the entire race